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Work Assist

What is Work Assist?

Work Assist provides support to eligible employees who have difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role due to their injury, disability or health condition.

Prestige Employment Solutions will work with the employee and their Employer to provide supports to maximise the chance of the employee maintaining their employment.

Work Assist program may include:

  • providing advice and assistance to the employee and their Employer in order to identify the barriers and limitations that contribute to their struggle to maintain their Employment and implementing strategies to overcome these barriers,
  • providing advice and assistance to the employee and the Employer about how the work may be redesigned,
  • providing assistance and information to Employers and staff to support the employee in the workplace,
  • help employers to access workplace modifications through Employment Assistance Fund.

Benefits of the Work Assist program include:

  • fully funded assistances to support eligible employees to remain in their employment,
  • enhance staff retention and team morale,
  • help businesses to build or enhance their Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

*Please note that eligibility requirements apply.

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Our Core Focus

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Maintaining Suitable Employment

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Key Information

Employees supported by Work Assist do NOT need to:

  • be on Centrelink Payments
  • have an Employment Service Assessment completed by the Centrelink Assessment team
  • Eligibility

    You may be eligible for assistance under Work Assist if you:

    • Are currently employed,
    • Have been working in a job for at least eight hours per week on average, over consecutive 3 month period,
    • are having difficulties fulfilling the essential requirements of your job due to the impact of their injury, disability or health condition,
    • are currently not registered with any Disability Employment Service provider.

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